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19 September 2009 @ 01:35 am
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Welcome to male_ic, a male celebrity icon challenge community!
Please join to get in on the fun.

If you would like to be affiliated with male_ic please leave a comment on this post.

19 September 2009 @ 01:30 am
The Challenges.

Challenges run on a bi-weekly basis and will usually begin on a Monday and end Sunday two weeks later. Voting will take place over no less than a two day period, usually on a weekend. Awards will be given out at the end of each challenge.

The exact schedule will be challenge specific, so be sure to watch for times and dates as each individual challenge is posted.


01. You may enter as many icons as specified for each challenge.
02. All effects (blending, animation, etc) are welcome, unless specified otherwise.
03. Use only the provided pictures, unless specified otherwise.
04. All submitted icons must fit LJ standards; meaning they aren't to exceed 100x100 pixels or 40kb.
05. Do not share your entered icon(s) elsewhere until the challenge has ended.
06. All work must be your own and made new for the challenge you are entering.
07. Be respectful of the other members, their work and the subjects of each challenge.
08. Do not take any icon without the maker's permission. If you are interested in a particular icon and are unsure who created it ask me and I'll be glad to help you.
09. When submitting your icon(s) please include a link.
10. Please submit your icon(s) to the designated entry. All comments will be screened.


01. Vote in all available categories.
02. Do not vote for your own icons.
03. Please vote in the designated entry. Once the results have been posted don't continue voting in the poll.